…shaping of the dough is easier

When Douglas Gordon of Quest Utility Services came to us with the proposal to use a Catalytic Carbon Filter on our bakery water we were both sceptical and a little curious.

We were interested in the the idea of how to get more water into the dough mix and how to improve the slow fermentation that is crucial to our baking method.

Post installation, we have noticed that the fermentation is more vigorous and the kneading and shaping of the dough is easier. The finished product has a better structure, more moisture with more aroma and taste.

The new Quest Catalytic Carbon filter is very effective in reducing the inhibition of the sourdough and yeast. We have no maintenance to worry about as Quest manages the annual changeouts.

We are pleased to work with Quest as they always helping us with innovative ideas for baking and take an active interest in our business which is good.

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