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Quest EndoCube

Refrigeration Electricity Saving of 10-35%

Most refrigeration works on the basis of the temperature sensor react to ambient air changes. This means that there are a lot of compressor motor on and off cycles that puts the motor under stress, and using a lot of electricity on the start up. This is costing the owner a large amount of electricity. The Quest EndoCube can provide a cost saving solution.

The EndoCube is a plastic casing containing a food grade wax into which the temperature sensor is inserted and sealed from the open ambient air. It now mimics the temperature of the chilled or frozen products. A small adjust on the temperature controls after 24 hours may have to be made.

After that there is no maintenance required.

Quest EndoCube with Fridge Temperature Sensor

The UK Health Protection Agency has conducted extensive tests on the EndoCubes performance to show the following:

Reduction in motor start ups.

Savings on electricity.

Less stress on the refrigerator performance.

Increased longevity of refrigerator units.

Narrower range of temperature fluctuations that with ambient air.

Improved food quality due to more stable temperature ranges.

E-Copy available on request.

Sizes: To accommodate different lengths of probes there are three sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

Some refrigerators may require the assistance of a refrigerator technician to access the temperature probe.

The Merrion, Mespil and Radisson hotels in Dublin have saved between 20-30% on refrigeration electricity.