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Grander Water Revitalisation

For the Ultimate Water Experience.

‘Truly Beyond Water Treatment’

This Austrian product uniquely uses ‘Water To treat Water’! The change in your water is sensational and creates a whole new experience or relationship with water.

After you have filtered and treated your water it is only natural to want to bring your water back  to life with all the health benefits that natural spring water gives you, but in your home or business.

Imagine the  feeling of amazingly soft and smooth water. Our customers say that water never tasted or felt so good. Grander water also makes you want to drink more water. Better hydration makes you feel more energised and healthier. Brighter eyes, softer hair and skin and a new you inside. You can see it in house pets, horses and farm animals. 

Kate Avard, an australian blood microscopist can see the effect of drinking Grander water on living blood and dried blood slides. Grander stimulates the white blood cells to get on with cleaning the debris in the blood, while the magnetic field around the blood red cells is boosted, which helps to keep them separated and lowers blood pressure.

Some of our Irish customers have contacted us when returning from holidays in Austria wanting to get Grander whole house units. Some of these people had serious psoriasis or eczema when going out, but during the week on holiday their serious skin conditions just disappeared.

On enquiry to the hotel reception they were told that the hotel had Grander Installed.

The Penny dropped. For others post installation in their homes who had a discovery that the washing machine needed less detergent, this lead to a light bulb moment. The family were the owners of a large laundry company and post installation there, the company is now saving 12% on laundry detergent costs with a better wash too. 

The secret with Grander Water is that we make your water ‘Wetter’. This helps get nutrients to your cells more efficiently and more importantly getting rid of the waste, which was causing the skin or other body disorders. Wetter Water also gets detergents or disinfectants closer to where they are needed, requiring less product that saves money!

So if you want to be part of this quiet revolution in Ireland have a look at the Grander Accessories for personal and home use or while on the go. Better still investigate what a Grander Whole house water revitaliser can do for your health and lifestyle. For people with businesses that use water; bakers, coffee shops, food providers think about the enhanced quality of your service or products. Finally, for owners and managers in industry or farms, Grander will make a considerable impact on the reduction in chemical cleaners and production efficiency.