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Energy and Water Efficiency

Improve your Fuel and Water Efficiency.

Extraordinary Products- Extraordinary Performances.

A proud innovator in Non Chemical Water Treatment, Water Revitalisation, Fuel Saving Economisers and Refrigeration electricity Savings.

Quest Utility Services Ltd was established in 2007 based Lanesborough, Co. Longford and we specialise in Fluid Conditioning using a variety of Magnetic, Electro-magnetic, Revitalisation and Nano technologies for conditioning Water and Hydrocarbon fuels ( oil, gas, petrol and diesel).

We also supply traditional water technologies and filtration systems.

What we do

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What we do

We help customers with water related problems and with savings on fuel costs. We change the structure and performance of water, oil and gas that give the customer distinct advantages over normal treatments. Either through non-chemical water treatment or magnetics. 


Our Products benefit you in your:

  • Personal Health and Well being.
  • Domestic water treatment, filtration and fuel savings.
  • Commercial water Treatment, Catering, Swimming pools, Fuel Saving.
  • Industrial Water Optimisation, Boiler Water, Descaling, Cooling, Heating & Waste Water Management. Fuel Saving.
  • Agriculture: Irrigation and filtration. Animal health & hydration, wash down, descaling, savings on chemical cleaners, Slurry and Grassland optimisation. Fuel saving.

We work with all sectors of the community including: 

  • Personal
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

To get expert support and guidance please do contact us. We would be happy to chat with you about your needs.

Our Solutions

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Our Solutions:


Non-Chemical Water Treatment

We all want fresh tasting, clean and soft water but can we get it at affordable cost with no chemical consumables and no maintenance to save money. Over the last 17 years we have developed a range of products that do just that. Our filters remove chlorine, fluoride, lead and bacteria in one cylinder, with no side taps. Our salt-less water softening is great way to save money on hard water running costs.


Grander Water Revitalisation

Everybody knows about drinking water straight from a natural spring. Soft, silky, refreshing and for some healing water. With a Grander Water Revitaliser you can experience all the health benefits of spring water in the whole of your house. Also look out the Grander accessories for home and personal use. Grander Water is not to be overlooked for its efficiency to save money in businesses, industry and agriculture.

fuel price

Magnet Fuel Ecomonisers

We all know that fuel for heating is expensive. Let us show you how easy it is get more heat from your boiler with less fuel (10%) and reduced emissions. You too can be environmentally friendly, with less fuel but more heat.

Refrigeration Electricity Savings

If you want to save on refrigeration electricity costs, longevity of your refrigerator and an improvement in the chilled food quality, EndoCube is designed to help you by insulating the temperature sensor from ambient air, your compressor start cycles can be reduced by 10 - 35%, saving you more than money.

Our Products

Have a question? +353 86 8389322

Our Products

Chemical free. Crystal Clear. Hygienic Water.

Filtration-Limescale-Iron and Manganese Removal-Acid Neutralisation.

Free From Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead and other heavy Metals.

Salt-Less Water Softening

For the Ultimate Water Experience.

Beyond Water Treatment.

For Health, Lifestyle and Well Being.

Clear Water for Industry.

Save 10% on Fuel Costs.

More Heat  -Less Fuel  -Reduced Emissions.

For Home Boilers, Commercial Heating & Cooking, Industrial Boilers & Ovens.

Saves 10-35% on Refrigeration Electricity.

Extends Longevity of Refrigeration Units.

Improves Product Quality

These technologies offer exceptional, sustainable and sensational performances with:


Quest also supplies traditional water technologies and filtration systems.

We are the all Ireland distributor for : 

Grander Water Revitalisation


Most of Quest’s Technologies require






And offers a lifetime of service