Deep within water is an amazing molecular structure that provides water with its intelligence, immunity and ability to self clean. We call this life force. Life force is energy or vibrational signals that carry information that animates life as we know it. Today's modern water distribution systems and pumping stations do not work in balance with nature and the life force is diminished. Quest has 15 years experience in providing innovative and technical solutions to help restore this life force energy. Bringing fresh, vibrant and healthy water to our customers.


We are proud innovators of non-chemical, maintenance free water treatment systems throughout Ireland. Bringing clean, fresh water with life force energy to the people and businesses who are looking for ecological and cost effective solutions.

We offer exceptional technologies, Ecological and sustainable solutions.

Our products were carefully selected to address our customers concerns. We offer the best solutions for our customers on the basis that they require:
No power, mechanism, chemicals nor maintenance, providing a lifetime of service.

We all want fresh tasting, clean and soft water but can we get it at affordable cost with no chemical consumables and no maintenance to save money. Over the last 15 years we have developed a range of products that do just that. 

Our filters remove chlorine, fluoride, lead and bacteria in one cylinder, with no side taps.

Our saltless water softening is a great way to save money on hard water running costs. 

Non chemical Water Treatment has the power to completely change your relationship to water and the environment. Making sustainability really possible with costs savings for homes, businesses and agriculture. It will also have a significant impact on homes and personal health.

Everybody knows about drinking water straight from a natural spring. 

Soft, silky, refreshing and for some healing water. With a Grander Water Revitaliser you can experience all the health benefits of living water. Imagine that life force energy running through your home.

 Grander Water will save money in your home, businesses, industry and agriculture.

We all know that fuel for heating is expensive.

Let us show you how easy it is to get more heat from your boiler with
10% – 20% less fuel AND reduced emissions.

Quest Fuel savers fit externally to the fuel feed pipes, so no need for plumbing. Suits homes and businesses. Save on carbon tax.

More heat, less fuel, reduced emissions.

If you want to save on refrigeration electricity costs. Extend the longevity of your refrigerator and improve the chilled food quality.

EndoCube is designed to help you by insulating the temperature sensor from ambient air. The refrigerator compressor start cycles can be reduced by 10 – 35%, saving you more than money

Douglas Gordon Quest Utility Services Ireland

Hello, I’m Douglas Gordon, the MD of Quest Utility Services Ltd established in 2007. I’m a natural scientist and Trinity College, Dublin graduate with 50 years experience in the environmental and water industries.

I’ve always enjoyed being an innovator providing technical solutions for water treatment, environmental investigations and in driving down fossil fuel usage, costs and carbon emissions.

Using my knowledge as Tai Chi instructor together with being a water diviner, drives my passion about the hidden energies in living water and it’s benefits. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with my customers.

Please feel free to contact me or give me a call on 086 8389322 if I can be of any help to you.


I no longer have to use chemicals to descale my kettle or shower doors

I purchased a Grander Water revitalising device from Mr Gordon of Quest Utility Services, for my home here in Dunboyne, in 2006.

The product softens the water throughout the house and I am delighted with my purchase. As this is a hard water area, lime-scale build up was previously a difficult problem on electrical appliances and shower doors.

Now thanks to Grander Technology I no longer have to use chemicals to de-scale my kettle or shower doors. I also need less washing powder in my washing machine and I am hopeful the soft water will benefit the life span of my washing machine and dishwasher.

Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap !

Ann Martin

IL Valentino Continental Bakery.

When living in Italy the breads and confectionary were exquisite in flavour and texture. While researching for my business start up in Dublin, I knew we had to have top quality water, and I had already been familiar with the Austrian product, the Grander Water Revitalisation. Thanks to Quest Utility Services, I was able to have Grander installed since our early days, back in 2008. The results on the quality of the breads were immediate and our bakers were thrilled. When mixed with flour, there was a noticeable improvement in dough texture and flavour.We have the same need for our coffees and teas, so all water for teas and coffees go through the Grander…  resulting increased flavour and a smoother drink.

Recently we replaced an older filter with a Quest catalytic Carbon Filter, which removes excess chlorine, (as is recommended by coffee machine manufacturers and coffee bean roasters) in order to make the best coffee. As this filter also removes fluoride, lead, bacteria and tri-halomethanes, our hot drinks are purer and tastier.

Owen Doorley

The Grander energy board makes my water so smooth that I want to drink lots of it

I tend to be a very busy person. Having access to high quality water is a high priority for health and well being. I make great use of the Grander accessories. The Grander Pendant, Penergiser and small Energy Board. The Grander energy board makes my water so smooth that I want to drink lots of it, The pendant and the penergiser that I keep on my person, help to keep me super calm in a busy world with a lot of travel. I use the penergiser to stir my drinks when on the go away from home. I have recommended these grander accessories to many friends and they can all vouch for the same reactions.

Raymond Quinlan

…this has been a winner for me and my family

I’m an owner of a Grander device for home use, and I have found it an excellent product to use, the convenience of not having to bring electricity or non-use of any salt, like most other water softeners to make it work has saved me an amount of time and money since I installed it in early 2006.

As a family man and with four children, we have noticed the difference in our clothes, hair and also the feel of the water we use daily, this has been a winner for me and my family.

Grander pendant has giving me great pain relief

As a 75 year old with many painful reminders of a miss spent youth with 20 something rugby injuries, I find that the Grander pendant has giving me great pain relief, so much so that I have given them to friends and family.

Bill Southard

…the living room radiator was hotter

I live in a bungalow in Co. Louth. I was thinking about the cost of central heating fuel  and the efficiency of the oil boiler at home.

I purchased a Quest X1 Fuel economiser from Quest Utility Services Ltd. to see what effect this small device would have.

The X1 is a split barrel 1.5 inches long and fits around the reinforced steel braided fuel pipe on the boiler and is held in place with a cable tie.

Within minutes I noticed that the living room radiator was hotter, causing me to move my lounge chair away from the radiator.

I then decided to turn down the boiler thermostat to its lowest level and the radiator was still hot than normal.

I can’t tell the exact savings on fuel costs but I do know that i have a much warmer home thanks to the Quest X1 Fuel Economiser.

Bill Southard

…delighted with the quality of water

I bought a grander device for the borehole at our home at Erra, near Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon. I had severe limescale and Iron problems in the borehole supply.

I bought a Grander device off Douglas Gordon of Quest Utility Services in late 2006Post installation I am delighted with the quality of water. The installation was simple, the unit requires no consumables or maintenance, so the device is easily the cheapest to run and allowing for that the best value for money on the market.

Robert Few

We are very happy with our purchase.

We purchased a Grander W100 Water Treatment System from Douglas Gordon in May 2005. Prior to that date we had continuous major problems with our household hot and cold water systems caused by extremely hard water in our area. We had had to replace the hot water cylinder owing to the fact that it was totally clogged up with lime scale, and we were continually having to de-scale kettles, etc.

Since we installed the system we have had no problem with our hot water system, and any deposit that forms on the kettle is of a soft nature that can be removed very easily with a wash-up brush. We are very happy with our purchase.

Michael & Florence Shields

…shaping of the dough is easier

When Douglas Gordon of Quest Utility Services came to us with the proposal to use a Catalytic Carbon Filter on our bakery water we were both sceptical and a little curious.

We were interested in the the idea of how to get more water into the dough mix and how to improve the slow fermentation that is crucial to our baking method.

Post installation, we have noticed that the fermentation is more vigorous and the kneading and shaping of the dough is easier. The finished product has a better structure, more moisture with more aroma and taste.

The new Quest Catalytic Carbon filter is very effective in reducing the inhibition of the sourdough and yeast. We have no maintenance to worry about as Quest manages the annual changeouts.

We are pleased to work with Quest as they always helping us with innovative ideas for baking and take an active interest in our business which is good.

Thibault Peigne

‘Magic! I have never made such good bread.’

‘Magic! I have never made such good bread.’

When Douglas called to our bakery with a Grander Energy Board and said that this will change the structure of the bakery water and the way the dough fermentation behaves, I could not believe it, but he was quite convincing, so we ran a trial.

I was so amazed at the reaction that I bought a small Grander Energy Cylinder that I place between three water tubs in the prover room over night along with tomorrow’s flour bags. This harmonises the temperature between the flour and the water. Both the Grander Water Effect and the temperature of the products help with our long cycle fermentations to give amazing tasting breads.

Many thanks to Douglas and Quest Utility Services for this simple innovation and our new fantastic breads.

Franck Pasqurier
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