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Grander Water Revitalisation

The Grander in-line and immersion devices uniquely use Water to treat Water! Grander performs the same scale crystal conversion as before for homes, businesses, farms and swimming pools. Grander also has many health and healing benefits plus business and industrial savings. See Grander Water Revitalisation.

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Installation: by a professional plumber.


Homes and Whole Building treatment.

Swimming pools.

Commercial and Industrial premises.

Descaling cooling towers and recirculation systems.


  • No Power, No Mechanism, No consumables, Nor maintenance and a lifetime of service.
  • Descaled water throughout the home, business, farm or pool
  • Elimination of existing scale.
  • Makes the water a better solvent reducing detergent use
  • Reduces the use of chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents in pools and cooling towers.
  • Wetter Water improves chemical and disinfectant actions and requires less wash water.
  • All the benefits of soft Water.
  • Treats pipe sizes from ½” to 4”. Larger pipe sizes can be accommodated with specific manifolds.

Price: For domestic 2 persons Grander W75 € 1,840.00 incl. VAT & delivery.

Robert and Caroline Few, Erra, Co. Rosommon. They have a well with hard water. Since 2007, ten years ago, they have had lovely soft water with no maintenance to think of. As Robert said ‘Easily the best value for money on the market when coping with hard water issues!’