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Baking and Water

A special kind of symbiosis

The Austrian Experiment: Grander Water.

Grander Water Revitalisation has found its place in both local as well as International bakeries and master bakers are proud of their results.

Water Quality determines the success of the finished product. Every Baker has his own  ( Bread) speciality, which he is very proud of and his recipe is a well kept secret. However, many master bakers are now divulging the ‘Water secret’. Aside from the grain, water is the most important ingredient for bread, baked goods as well as pastries. The power and vitality of revitalised water has a particularly positive effect on the quality of the baked products. 

Master bakers from far and wide are convinced of the results.

The dough absorbs the water better and forms the basis for tasty, delicate baked goods of all kinds. Following the baker’s rule of thumb, namely” 2 parts flour to 1 part water. It becomes obvious how important water is in baking and it is clear why bakeries can’t imagine doing without revitalised Grander water.

The master bakers report the following changes when using Grander Water in baking:

  • More homogeneous and elastic, lighter dough.
  • Increased volume.
  • Dough that it is easy to work with.
  • Optimal bonding of the dough.
  • A reduction of yeast for faster and improved rising of the dough.
  • Rounder more intense taste of the bread.
  • Good crust.
  • Longer lasting shelf life and freshness of the bread.
  • Easy and simple cleaning of the steam condenser rising pipes and oven.
  • Savings in chemicals and cleaning expenses.