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Iron and Manganese Removal and Low pH-Acidity.

Well water often contaminated with Iron and Manganese. It is associated with Acid Water or low pH giving off a smell of Hydrogen sulphide or rotten eggs. The acidity can cause serious corrosion and leaks in copper and brass plumbing systems. If left untreated it will cause yellow or black staining to sanitary ware and clothes in washing.

Based on your water analysis, a design solution can be created. A simple, affordable and low maintenance system with a 7-10 year life depending on usage. Using Katalox Light which is an oxidation process with a filter media trap. There is no need for salt ion exchange. Katalox is designed for high levels of Iron and Manganese.

Katalox Light is a media contained in a cylinder with a Clack Control Backwash Head and a drain pipe. The media is a super water splitter based on Manganese Dioxide which creates hydroxides of Iron, manganese and other metals which form flocculants. These get trapped by the media and are backwashed out of the system later.

The Benefits filtering bacteria (to less than 3 microns). Removes Iron and Manganese, plus Hydrogen Sulphide. Removes heavy metals and radionuclides. Balances mild acidity 5.0-10 pH to 7 pH

No maintenance and easy to use. No Salt solution required.

There is a network of Water testing laboratories who can provide on site sampling and collection services. The typical price is € 200 for this work.