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Non Chemical Water Treatment





Non chemical Water Treatment has the power to completely change your relationship to water and the environment. This will make sustainability really possible with costs savings for homes, businesses and agriculture. It will also have a significant impact on homes and personal health.

So many of our customers don’t trust their mains water or have costly issues with well water, whether that is limescale, bacteria or excess chlorine taste. Well water can also contain iron and manganese with low pH or acidity that will corrode the house water mains causing leaks

For the best water system the following principle applies

Clean - Treat - Revitalise

Regardless of the sector, typical water issues are the same. It is just a matter of operational scale from a house to a factory. Issues like: Taste, Odour, Hardness / Limescale, Acid Water, Corrosion, Microbiological Issues, Filtration Chlorine, Lead and Fluoride Removal. Industrial: Cooling and Heating Water, Process Water and  Wastewater Processing.  On Farms: Drinking Water, Irrigation,Descaling, Reducing Chemicals, Slurry & Grassland Revitalisation.