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Clear Water for Industry

Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Swimming Pools.

Suitable for all drinking water as well as all makeup and process water applications, whether sourced from mains or well water. Well water should have been analysed, filtered and treated before using a Grander unit.

Installation: By a professional plumber.

Location: Post  the water meter on the incoming mains water pipe before any Tee offs to ensure that all water is revitalised. For farmers with paddock water lines separate from the mains water line- Immersion devices can be used in individual water troughs. There are also farm Slurry cylinder devices for treating slurry in storage tanks.

Clear Water For IndustryWith industrial / commercial recirculation systems like cooling towers and swimming pools with ballast tanks, both of the Grander in-line and and immersion devices can be used to aid water conditioning and help stabilise the microbiology and to keep the water clean..

Applications: Bakeries, Breweries, Coffee shops, Restaurants, Food Processing, Hospitality,Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Heating Circuits, Process Water,Waste Water Treatment, Farm Drinking Water and Slurry Treatment.

Cooling Towers. For Industry Grander revitalised water is a better solvent or ‘wetter’. This makes chemical cleaning and disinfection actions more efficient with chemical costs and labour savings of 25-30%. The Grander magnetic imprint in the water can be used to stabilise the microbiology in process water and recirculation systems. Daimler Mercedes Benz tried this on their compressed air cooling towers by a 10% reduction each month while maintaining monthly bacteriological analyses. After ten months they were no longer using biocides. Chemicals are now only used for annual clean downs.

Grander Pool WaterSwimming pools can be run with 25% less chlorine when using Grander water, making the irritation of chlorine on skin and eyes a thing of the past. The water is softer and silkier. Air quality is greatly improved and fresh. Pool water clarity is clear and the pH readings are more stable. Pool maintenance and cleaning is much easier. Operations savings can be measured in thousands of euros and matched by happy swimmer ‘word of mouth’ advertising that increases revenue foot fall.

Farms: Grander Slurry Revitalisers are used to promote the natural decomposition of manure, leaving a slurry that is more processed, pH neutral, more liquid consistency, easier to pump and spread. The Grass microfauna and micro flora are able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently leading to better grass growth, which is more nutritional for the cows when grazing and so the nutrient cycle continues to turn.

Size selection: From ½” to 4” matched to pipe size diameter. Larger pipes can be revitalised using manifolds for parallel grander systems.

Prices From € 2550.00 to €26,195.00 incl. VAT. depending on the size of unit selected. POA.