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Limescale and Hard Water

Salt Less Water Softening or Limescale Control

Salt Water Softening is now banned in 10 States of the United States of America by the US Environmental Protection Agency. On account of salt contamination of fresh water aquifers rendering them undrinkable. The same contamination is causing the waste water treatment plants to fail in processing wastewater as the salt brine inhibits the bacteria needed to process sewage. This is happening because of the saline backwash from salt based water softeners. Where does all the salt go?

To overcome this problem and to provide our customers with a safe and sustainable solution to Limescale control Quest offers a variety of solutions to treat limescale that are affordable. Some of the products have additional health benefits that you will never find in a Salt Based Water softener.

The techniques we use to descale water successfully converts offending scale crystals into Aragonite fine crystals. That remain suspended in your water until discharged with the waste water. Aragonite crystals do not attached to surfaces and remove existing scale.

Quest-AquaVantage-Hardness crystals pre-treatment
Water Scale Crystals pre-treatment
Quest-AquaVantage-hardness crystals post treatment-Aragonite.
Water Scale Crystal post-treatment

Treated water feels lighter, smoother and softer.

Limescale Control and soft water solutions Methods:

These methods of limescale control are simple, efficient and cost effective. They save you money by not needing consumables nor maintenance. All of these descaling methods are used widely in homes, businesses and industry to control limescale and hard water issues.

Magnetic Water Conditioning. Requires No plumbing.

Electro-magnetics -AquaVantage-. Requires no Plumbing.

Water Revitalisation-Grander Water. An in line device which needs a plumber.

Applications: Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural.

AquaVantage- Limescale control diagram

Scale conversion from calcium bicarbonate ions to insoluble calcium carbonate crystals.