IL Valentino Continental Bakery.

When living in Italy the breads and confectionary were exquisite in flavour and texture. While researching for my business start up in Dublin, I knew we had to have top quality water, and I had already been familiar with the Austrian product, the Grander Water Revitalisation. Thanks to Quest Utility Services, I was able to have Grander installed since our early days, back in 2008. The results on the quality of the breads were immediate and our bakers were thrilled. When mixed with flour, there was a noticeable improvement in dough texture and flavour.We have the same need for our coffees and teas, so all water for teas and coffees go through the Grander…  resulting increased flavour and a smoother drink.

Recently we replaced an older filter with a Quest catalytic Carbon Filter, which removes excess chlorine, (as is recommended by coffee machine manufacturers and coffee bean roasters) in order to make the best coffee. As this filter also removes fluoride, lead, bacteria and tri-halomethanes, our hot drinks are purer and tastier.