…the living room radiator was hotter

I live in a bungalow in Co. Louth. I was thinking about the cost of central heating fuel  and the efficiency of the oil boiler at home.

I purchased a Quest X1 Fuel economiser from Quest Utility Services Ltd. to see what effect this small device would have.

The X1 is a split barrel 1.5 inches long and fits around the reinforced steel braided fuel pipe on the boiler and is held in place with a cable tie.

Within minutes I noticed that the living room radiator was hotter, causing me to move my lounge chair away from the radiator.

I then decided to turn down the boiler thermostat to its lowest level and the radiator was still hot than normal.

I can’t tell the exact savings on fuel costs but I do know that i have a much warmer home thanks to the Quest X1 Fuel Economiser.