…this has been a winner for me and my family

I’m an owner of a Grander device for home use, and I have found it an excellent product to use, the convenience of not having to bring electricity or non-use of any salt, like most other water softeners to make it work has saved me an amount of time and money since I installed it in early 2006.

As a family man and with four children, we have noticed the difference in our clothes, hair and also the feel of the water we use daily, this has been a winner for me and my family.

We are very happy with our purchase.

We purchased a Grander W100 Water Treatment System from Douglas Gordon in May 2005. Prior to that date we had continuous major problems with our household hot and cold water systems caused by extremely hard water in our area. We had had to replace the hot water cylinder owing to the fact that it was totally clogged up with lime scale, and we were continually having to de-scale kettles, etc.

Since we installed the system we have had no problem with our hot water system, and any deposit that forms on the kettle is of a soft nature that can be removed very easily with a wash-up brush. We are very happy with our purchase.

…delighted with the quality of water

I bought a grander device for the borehole at our home at Erra, near Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon. I had severe limescale and Iron problems in the borehole supply.

I bought a Grander device off Douglas Gordon of Quest Utility Services in late 2006 Post installation I am delighted with the quality of water. The installation was simple, the unit requires no consumables or maintenance, so the device is easily the cheapest to run and allowing for that the best value for money on the market.

I no longer have to use chemicals to descale my kettle or shower doors

I purchased a Grander Water revitalising device from Mr Gordon of Quest Utility Services, for my home here in Dunboyne, in 2006.

The product softens the water throughout the house and I am delighted with my purchase. As this is a hard water area, lime-scale build up was previously a difficult problem on electrical appliances and shower doors.

Now thanks to Grander Technology I no longer have to use chemicals to de-scale my kettle or shower doors. I also need less washing powder in my washing machine and I am hopeful the soft water will benefit the life span of my washing machine and dishwasher.

Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap !