One Big Problem.

The one big problem with mains or pumped water

There is one big problem for public water supplies and pumped water, which is probably what you have in your home or business. The action of pumping water collapses the inner structure or workings of your water.

This means that the mains water loses some of its ability to release dirt and absorb cleaning agents. Which, in turn, means that your surfaces or clothes will not be as clean as should be and your drinking water can have a coarse taste and feel drier to drink.

This damaged water is the perfect medium for the growth of bacteria. See the two pictures. The structured water ( Coherent) on the right and unstructured water on the left ( Incoherent). These concepts of Coherence and Incoherence of water are really important in understanding Living or Revitalised water or the lack of it. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing or when consuming water, you need to ask yourself is this water in the best condition and will it be good for me.

incoherent and coherent water. Viktor Schauberger

For people living with hard mains water that manifests limescale there are additional problems. This water has a lower saturation state or index and the solution of lime in the water will scale out. Traditionally, salt based water softening is used to remove the limescale through ion exchange.

Pumped well supplies have the additional issues of Iron, Manganese and Sulphur mineralisation, which, can be treated with either salt based treatments or non chemical Katalox media.

So, the traditional way of treating of purifying water is to

  1. Filter or Clean the water of debris, bacteria and undesired chemical taste and smell.
  2. Treat the water to remove nuisance chemicals like Lime ( hardness), Iron, Manganese and Sulphur.
Typical example of water filtration and treatment system - Quest Utility Services

However, nothing has has been done to correct the ‘One BIG Problem’ that is to restore the structure or vital energy within your pumped water..

Now we need to REVITALISE your water.

Water Revitalisation works by changing the physics in your water which also has an impact on the chemistry. These devices can be Magnetic, Electro-Radio-Sonic, Electromagnetic or based on water frequency transfer. Each technology or method are like spokes of the wheel going towards the hub of water revitalisation. There are many choices and there is much scientific research available, that only leads to further research. This shows that we are only at the beginning of understanding this water phenomena.

So what happens to Revitalised Water?

  1. It becomes a better solvent.
  2. Better at cleaning.
  3. It can take disinfectants and detergents to target more effectively.
  4. Reduce disinfectant and detergent volumes used by 50% or more.
  5. Less water is needed for cleaning, saving 20% or more.
  6. These are major environmental considerations.
  7. The weak magnetic imprint in the revitalised water suppresses the pathogenic bacteria and promotes the benign ( good ) bacteria.
  8. Microbiologically the water becomes stable, clean and healthy, with the incidence of slime and algae becoming reduced or non existent.
  9. Water Revitalisers can treat limescale by Crystal Conversion without having to resort to salt based water softening..

It is important not to think of water revitalisers as filters as they do not provide that function. Water Revitalisers need a Pre Filter.

Now, we have the best solution to the One Big problem of Pumped Water.

  1. Filtration
  2. Non Chemical Water treatment
  3. Revitalisation.

My team and I really value feedback and questions as it helps us enormously with product innovation, development and design. We have enjoyed bringing good, clean, revitalised water to many different home, commercial and industrial work environments.

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I hope that you have got great value from reading this post. In the next one, I’ll be talking about salt less water softening solutions using crystal conversions that work in your home or business.

Living Water

Living Water the elixir of life.

Water has a central place in all civilisations as the elixir of life. In today’s society water is only regarded as a disposable commodity, without respect for living water’s innate and natural qualities.

Waterfall. Living Water

Deep within living water is amazing “liquid crystalline structure” which is made up of layered and flowing hexagonal water molecules. These randomly flowing magnet structures have the capacity to hold memory, which gives water it’s intelligence. This structure allows water to be a super solvent of minerals and organic matter. These substances have vibrational energy characteristics that give water added intelligence and healing properties.

It is an odd scientific concept but we have to think of vibrations and frequency as information in the natural world. This information is used to drive the chemical, physical and biological processes in nature.

Water has the been the focus of much research since 1900 across the world. The European Union has established the WETSUS Water Research Centre in the Netherlands to look more deeply into the inner workings of water. The discoveries are exciting and usually lead to deeper research. The search goes on.

Johann Grander, the inventor of Grander Water Revitalisation, talked about the “inner workings of water” and that is was a “cosmic thing”.

Where Water Matures in the Earth’s Crust

So, our water sources work best when the water has had the chance to mature in the rocks of the earth’s crust. Here it dissolves minerals and it takes on benign microorganisms. All of these minerals and microorganisms help to give living water from many different sources their distinctive characteristics.

Different ages of water. Sourced from:

In Ireland, we are familiar with the tradition of the healing or holy wells. Living water has intelligence, immunity, an ability to self clean and it has memory.

Showing structured and unstructured water.
image sourced from:

All of this is very far removed from the supply of bulk mains water distribution networks for our cities, rural areas and private water wells. The convenience of modern water supplies has one big problem. When the water is processed and pumped to our homes and businesses, the action of pump impellers causes the structural collapse of living water’s beneficial characteristics.

I hope you enjoyed this post it’s part of a series on Quest Revitalised Water which I will be writing over the coming weeks and months. Your comments, feed back or subjects you would like me to cover would be very welcome. If you would like to bring your water back to life, I’d be happy to have a chat with you. Feel free to contact me on 086 838 9322, email or via my contact form.