Non-Chemical Water Treatment & Revitalisation

Quest has a unique approach to water treatment. We are not a ‘Me Too’ water treatment company. We market and sell ‘Non Chemical Water Treatment’ because it is what you the public want. We still retain the capacity to supply traditional methods, but the emphasis is on non-chemical treatment.

In Ireland we have growing and continuing issues with mains water and from private sources of springs and bored wells. Limescale, iron, manganese and sulphur are common issues along with taste, colour and slime in pipes. We recommend that you learn what is in your water by getting a basic chemical and bacteriological analysis done for the simple reason is that we are 73% water and water is our second single biggest intake after air. So if you want to be healthy, know your water.

Key Benefits to Customers

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Limescale & Corrosion
  • Restore Water Properties
  • The Quest Difference - No Power, No Mechanism, No Toxic Chemicals, No Maintenance, No Service Contract